Tried and True Methods to Selling: Advertising



P.T. Barnum once said in his book The Art Of Money Getting.


Advertising is like learning – a little is a dangerous thing.


Advertising can be an effective method for reaching multiple people, however if you only invest a small amount of money, you can expect to get little from it. Every time you look on the roadside you see signs planted in the ground. You may notice the same signs scattered at multiple stop signs. Advertisers know that the more of one sign they have in an area, the more you’ll notice.


Likewise, the more billboards you see along the interstate, the more chance you have of noticing. When advertising it’s very important to understand your target market. If you make an advertisement your words are precious; every word can attract or repel a potential customer. You need to find your target and set your advertisement around them.


Attracting Attention


One great thing about advertising is the amount of variety that’s possible. E-mails, billboards, road signs, business cards, door hangers, letters, newspapers, magazines, and anything else you can think of gives you potential to have prospects call. And prospects contacting you are more responsive than those who are being contacted. They’ve trusted you enough to give you a call, and they’re interested in your product/service. You know if they weren’t interested then they wouldn’t have called you.


Anytime you watch TV you may have noticed how some advertisements play? They know that the more times someone sees an ad the more chance they have of selling. Ads grab the attention of those who need the product, it’s like a beacon that guides them to a solution. Then there are advertisements with the ability to implant information into the mind of people. A catchy tune or jingle can be effective for keeping the ad fresh in someones mind. They may even infect other people with the same ad as they hum it to themselves.


Making Advertising Interesting


P.T. Barnum has some interesting stories of his advertising methods. One specific account is when he hired an unemployed man to place bricks at specific locations. The man acted deaf, had a serious look on his face, answered no one, and moved from brick to brick at a rapid pace. He would take the brick he had, place it down and pick up the other brick. After doing this he went to the museum Barnum had and presented his ticket. He would walk solemnly through the halls of the museum, pass out, and proceed to do it again. This advertisement was very successful at selling tickets to Barnum’s museum. So successful that police intervened, because the large crowd was blocking traffic. The man who preformed this act was payed $0.15 and hour for his work.


I’m doubtful that you can do such advertisements today, but there are other ways to grab attention. And example is using multiple signs with arrows to point at one sign. This can influence more people to look at your advertisement as curiosity gets the best of them. One of the common advertisements I’ve seen is the $100 bill; advertisers place their ad on the back of a fake $100 bill to get you to pick it up. And since most people throw the ad down it recycles itself til it finds the right person. Another common ad are people dressed in costumes holding signs. They dance, flail the sign around and have it point to the business.


The main issue to limit someones advertising is their budget. It may not be viable for someone with a tight budget to employ some of these tactics, but there are ways to effectively advertise without investing to great an amount of money. The trick is finding proper locations and making an eye catching advertisement.


Buying Lists


As always some company has found a way to capitalize on advertising opportunities. Some companies offer lists of names, addresses, and e-mail addresses that can be purchase for advertising purposes. You can buy these lists and use some service to send e-mails to everyone on the list. Most e-mailing services cost extra to mass e-mail people. Be warned, if you’re working for a company that has strict limitations on what you do with e-mails, this method could mean trouble. Your e-mail address could also become flagged as spam, which will ruin your credibility with many people.


When it comes to using this method you must give attention to the way e-mails and letters are formatted; a great format will make a significant difference in returns. A great book on advertising methods concerning formats and wording is, Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation (Perfect Phrases Series). This books goes into great detail on what words to use with specific prospects, and how to structure an easy to read e-mail or letter.




Advertisements are an effective tool, but you must have more than one to effectively capture attention multiple times. You have to keep in mind that if you don’t have much money, you’ll need to find cheaper alternatives. When you do use advertisement it’s better to saturate an area instead of spreading out. You want draw attention away from  other distractions to your ad. If you want to do that you need to use advertisements as a canvas for creativity. The more attention your ad receives, the more likely you’ll receive what you’re after.


Whatever you sell there are many methods to achieve the same goal. If advertisement is an opportunity you can use, then try it, and see if you can get a return of more than you’ve invested. You need to be willing to spend money to make money, and advertising makes it possible to achieve that goal.


and remember,


Refuse to be less than the person you choose to be.


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